E-mail Forum

Email Forum

The Internet Email Forum is an easy way to keep up-to-date with what is going on in the Parish of Sandon and its environs. It is available to all Sandon residents, who can use it to:

  • express views or feelings on any matter
  • exchange views and opinions with other users
  • obtain information on parish matters (including neighbourhood watch alerts) and
  • pass on useful information

– and it’s all free!

There are a few rules:

  • Except for special cases, membership of the forum is restricted to residents of Sandon Parish.
    Nothing that may be considered offensive to individuals, groups or races may be posted on the Forum.
  • It is not the function of our forum to act as a conduit for emails that are available on other lists and might be regarded as spam by forum members.
  • If you receive regular emails from an email list and feel that other residents might also be interested, by all means put a sample email on the forum but also provide details of how residents can enrol on the list for themselves and obtain the emails directly. Please do not post any further items from that list; assume that anyone interested will have enrolled on the list and will also receive the emails.

All members of Sandon Parish Council are members of the forum, so it provides a convenient way of communicating with the council.

Joining the Internet Forum is extremely beneficial – and it’s easy to do. As it is a private forum, for residents only, it will not encourage spam or junk mail and there is no pressure to participate. You can easily opt out at any time.

To join the forum send an email to sandonparish@googlegroups.com. or send a request to join to forum moderator Cllr. Martin Cross at cllrcrosssandonpc@gmail.com

Your application will be vetted by the group moderator. He or she may contact you to confirm that you are a resident and therefore qualify.

Once enrolled, you will receive an email confirming your membership. Please read this email as it contains instructions on how to use the forum and how to register with Google Groups (optional). If you register, you can access the forum on line. You can then read past correspondence and change the various options that are available.

If you change your email address or leave the parish, do not forget to tell the group moderator. Please encourage your neighbours to join the forum – the more people join the more effective it will be.

Note that there is a sister group that is concerned with matters associated with Howe Green. The moderator for this site is David Pearson. Pease contact him if you wish to be part of this group. His email address is dsp2026@gmail.com

Neighbourhood Watch and the Email Forum

The forum gains importance from the fact that it forms an integral part of the neighbourhood watch network for Sandon Parish. Neighbourhood watch is a local service run in conjunction with the police. For their part, the police use the network to keep the community informed of any law and order problems that occur and sometimes to give advice, provide leaflets etc. Residents, for their part, keep an eye on their neighbourhood and report any suspicious activity they observe, perhaps in response to police alerts. David Pearson is Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Sandon parish. He can be contacted at david@pearson7.plus.com

The email forum is ideal for use with neighbourhood watch as it allows speedy dissemination of police alerts and allows residents to report suspicious behaviour. There are Police Community Support Officers on the forum so they will receive these reports directly.

If you have neighbours who do not have email, it would be appreciated if you could keep them informed of any important neighbourhood watch alerts that arise.