Policies & Finance Documents

Policy and Finance Documents

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Financial Regulations May 2024

Standing Orders May 2024

Sandon Parish Council Action Plan 2024

Equal Opportunities Policy

Dealing with the Press and Media Policy

Councillor Code of Conduct

Risk Management Schedule (reviewed July 2023)

Report of CIL monies 2022/23

Grant Application Policy

Grant Application Form

Virtual Meeting Policy (reviewed 13th Mar 2023)

Complaints Procedure (reviewed 13th Mar 2023)

Training Policy (reviewed 13th Feb 2023)

Publication Scheme (reviewed 13th Feb 2023

Freedom of Information Policy (reviewed 13th Feb 2023)

Data Protection Policy (8th Aug 2022)

Risk Management Schedule (reviewed 8th Aug 2022)

Financial Regulations (reviewed 9th May 2022)

Standing Orders (reviewed 9th May 2022)

Report of CIL monies 2021-22

Copy of the budget for 2022/23 and previous years’ accounts

Personnel Committee Terms of Reference (revised 11th October 2021)

Code of Conduct for Councillors and Employees (reviewed 9th August 2021)

Report of CIL monies 2020-21

Dealing with Press and Media Policy (reviewed 12th October 2020)

Equal Opportunities Policy (reviewed 12th October 2020)

Grievance Procedure (reviewed 14th September 2020)

Disciplinary Procedure (reviewed 14th September 2020)

Report of CIL monies 2019/20

Sandon Parish Action Plan 2020

Report of CIL monies 2018/19

Report of CIL monies 2017/18

Actual income and receipts for 2016 & 2017 plus expected for 2018 and budget 2019

Report of CIL monies 2016/17

Neighbourhood Planning Terms of Reference adopted Oct 2017

Register of Councillor Interests